CONTRA – COnversion of a Nuisance to a Resource and Asset

Funding: European Union, Interreg B Programme 2014-2020, funded by European Regional Development Fund (ERDF)

Duration: 01.01.2019 - 30.06.2021

Partnerships: DE, SE, DK, PL, EE, RUS

Lead partner: Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schubert

There is no doubt that beach wrack can be an olfactory nuisance, especially when washed up in large quantities. It is a mixture of mainly seaweed and macroalgae, seashells, garbage and other flotsam. After storms, for example, it can cover beaches for weeks and rot into a stinking mass. This is a real problem for local communities, especially those whose local economies are based on tourism. They spend a lot of money on beach cleaning, but are caught in a network of different interests of tourism associations, environmental and nature conservation, coastal protection and disposal modalities.

The aim of CONTRA  (COnversion of a Nuisance to a Resource and Asset) is to combine the current knowledge about the sustainability of beach wrack eliminations in the Baltic Sea region. In five sub-projects and seven case studies, the ecological, social and economic aspects of the various collection and reuse options will be compiled and evaluated. Possible examples of use are: for coastal protection and dune formation, as fertilizer or soil improver, as bio-cover for landfills, for biogas production and the production of biochar. The project will develop a so-called "tool kit" with innovative recycling options and management strategies in order to provide municipalities with a catalogue of actions with individual solutions for the greatest economic and ecological benefit. In this project, a considerable cross-disciplinary stakeholder network of municipalities, companies, authorities and scientific institutes works together in an international network of 14 partners and 21 associated partners from six Baltic Sea countries (DE, SE, DK, PL, EE, RUS) and is coordinated by the University of Rostock.


Lead partner:
Prof. Dr. Hendrik Schubert
Tel: +49 381-498 6070

Scientific coordination:
Dr. Jana Wölfel
Tel: +49 381-498 6075

Research assistant:
Philipp- Konrad Schätzle
Tel: +49 381-498 6075